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21 October 2016

Welcome the Era of Infotainment

That’s right, Infotainment. It’s no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly inattentive to advertisements and marketing, especially in an age of swipes and scrolls.Gone are the days of waiting for a PDF to lethargically load, to zoom-in and only skim read anyway. No, what consumers want now, more than ever, is to be entertained and informed. Sounds like a task, right? I mean, we’re not all comedians.

But as ‘Infotainers’ it’s our mission to ensure users aren’t just clicking away from our content and forgetting all about us. We don’t want to find ourselves forever alone in a world of engaging content but no-one to immerse themselves in it.

Thank the stars for video. By accompanying informative content with a relevant video, you create what is possibly one of the greatest marketing tools around.


I bet you find yourself doing it all the time. You scroll down a page or a news feed, and as soon as that little equilateral triangle lolling on its side becomes the centre of attention, you hit play.

Why? Because video marketing is powerful. It’s addictive. It immerses its viewer. That’s why more and more marketers are turning to Infotainment to get their message across. Check out the Huffington Post, they’re masters of it. It’s a rare find to click on one of their blogs and not find an Infotainment video leading its content. Hook the viewer first and then persuade them to read on after. It’s simple and it’s smart.

What’s more, it’s great for social media and not just when marketing to consumers but businesses too. As marketers, it allows us to tell a story with the facts and selling points we want our customers to know by only taking up a little of their time.

Check out this one from National Geographic… in just 38 seconds I know 100% more about Reef Squid than I did less than a minute ago.


Reckon your brand could benefit from a spot of infotaining of your own? Why not get in touch!