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10 November 2016

John Lewis just nailed their Christmas Advert but what other arrivals are putting us in a festive mood

Scrooge is out in full force, The Grinch is climbing from his hovel and I’ve already had a bag of Humbugs waved at me from across the office. This can only mean one thing...Christmas is here people, whether you like it or not. The window displays are up. The cold nights are drawing in. Pumpkin Spice is out and Gingerbread is in.

More importantly or perhaps most importantly for some of us – the John Lewis advert has now landed and they did not disappoint!

Their Christmas adverts are timeless. They pull on our heart strings whilst leaving us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. This year we’re not met with a tearjerker like last year’s Man on the Moon. No, this year, we have #BustertheBoxer and a group of woodland friends.

Let John Lewis make your Thursday afternoon slump better and watch it here…


Starting to feel a little festive? Here are just a few more of 2016’s Christmas Adverts so far…

Aldi - 'Kevin the Carrot'


Burberry - The tale of Thomas Burberry


Boots - The Gift of Beauty 


Asda - their series of 'Christmas Made Better' Adverts


House of Fraser - "Christmas is Coming for You"


And we love this A level student's media coursework project that was so good, the public genuinely thought it was 2016's John Lewis advert.


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