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09 January 2017

5 Ways To Ramp Up Your Social Media Success In 2017

Social media marketing has fast become an extremely powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

In this blog I have decided to let you all have a sneak peek into the social media book of tricks and I will be divulging some ways you can ramp up your social media game in 2017.

Most people think they have nailed it when it comes to social media because they can upload a picture, add some copy to it and get a few ‘likes’. But ultimately, there is so much more to social media marketing than people think. 

After all, contrary to popular belief, us social media marketers don’t just sit on Twitter all day you know. 

social-media-marketing meme.jpg

1. Quality Not Quantity 

For me this is golden rule number one. Pushing out 3 posts of garbage per day isn’t going to bring anything to your business. Nor will it reflect your brand image in an engaging way. 

People are busy so you need to get them interested quickly with high quality content. 

Take the time to create some awesome content and have some fun with it. Blogs, live videos, videos, Instagram stories, webinars, infographics, etc…There really is no limit. 

Let’s make 2017 the year we squeeze out poor content and crank out fun, interesting and all round awesome content. 


2. Use Visuals 

Time and time again I see so many brands post content with no visuals. But did you know, posts with visuals get 39% more interaction? That is a big jump in engagement for any brand.

So next time you are planning your content schedule make sure to include visual aids to your posts. 

Get that smart phone out and start snapping some awesomeness! Failing that, there are also multiple royalty free image sites available where you can browse thousands of beautiful professional shots to accompany your perfectly crafted post.


3. Consistency 

So, let’s say you have read and listened to point number one. Don’t just do this once a month. Be regular and consistent with your posting. I am not saying that you have to post every day but coming up with a consistent social media calendar is very important. Your audience is more likely to engage with you when they know you are active online.  

Posting irregularly can confuse an audience and make them detach from your brand. You want your followers to stay engaged with your posts and listen to what you are saying.


4. Stay up to date  

The world of social media is constantly evolving but we are always looking to produce the best campaigns and social media strategies we can. As a result, keeping up with the latest social media updates is very important. It shows your audience you know what you’re doing and ensures you don’t miss out on any new opportunities to engage with them.

Pay attention to social media site blogs and updates to see how you can add different methods to engage with your audience. 


5. Have fun 

Seriously, have fun, I mean it! Enjoy putting the content together and have fun doing it. A company whose consumers see it having fun, commanding a great social media presence and pushing out the very best content, are more likely to engage with that brand.

Make sure you look to engage with your audience in ways that will excite them, make them engage with you and keep them coming back for more. 


Want to see how we could help you ramp up your social media game in 2017? Why not drop us a line and let’s have a chat